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  • How much is complete rice mill plant ?Do you really know the two main ways in which broken rice is produced? The whole meter rate is one of the criteria to judge the performance of rice processing equipment, and for manufacturers, to improve economic
    Aug 05
  • Do you really know the important role of color sorter in rice processing equipment? Complete set of rice processing equipment has brought great convenience to the production of rice.But to get high quality rice, you have to choose rice.The importance
    Aug 05
  • Rice polishing in rice processing machinery, sometimes there will be a lot of broken rice, a lot of rice factory can not find the reason, CLJ teach you to eliminate these two reasons can solve the phenomenon of broken rice. First Reason : If the mate
    Jul 30
  • Jul 16
  • In daily processing, the factory will choose to use different types of rice milling machines for daily processing.
    May 28
  • Beige color selection: This color is used to remove particles of different colors (different colors of rice and heterochromatic impurities) in rice grains.
    May 27
  • The rice stone remover is an essential equipment in the rice mill, sometimes combined with the rice mill, used to clean the rice paddy, stones and stones outside of the rice to ensure the cleanness and simplicity of the rice raw materials.
    May 26
  • Rice polishing is used to remove the peculiar protein and fat in the grain, so that the processed rice and other grains are closer to pure starch.
    May 25
  • The inspection before start-up includes the mechanical filter screen, mechanical suspension beam, various parts connected to the rice mill, etc.
    May 24
  • Reducing the broken rice rate and increasing the whole rice rate has become a traditional Chinese medicine approach to improve the overall economic benefits of enterprises.
    May 23
  • Nowadays, when processing grains, rice milling equipment has always been common, and such a big role is inseparable from its rigorous work flow.
    May 22
  • The inability to adjust the operation correctly and the inability to maintain and repair are the most common problems in the application of rice mills in rural and mountainous areas.
    May 21
  • With the continuous development of society, the living standards of the corresponding people have also improved.
    May 20
  • In order to improve the quality of rice milling, the operator should pay attention to two main adjustments to the rice milling machine when milling
    May 19
  • The grains become brown rice after being hulled, and brown rice becomes rice after removing most of the cortex and part of the embryo.
    May 18
  • Cylinder cleaning screen is an ideal equipment for grain cleaning and impurity removal during grain purchase and storage.
    May 17
  • There are three types of common rice hulling equipment: rubber roller hulling machine, sand plate hulling machine and centrifugal hulling machine.
    May 16
  • For a complete grain drying production line, conveying equipment is indispensable. Under normal circumstances
    May 15
  • Bearings are the core components of the moving parts of the equipment, and the maintenance of the bearings is the top priority of the maintenance of the hoist and other equipment.
    May 14
  • In order to transport grain efficiently, the ancients designed a set of transportation organization, including important strategies such as setting up warehouses along the river and segmented transportation.
    May 13
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