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    Low-temperature rice milling can increase the whole rice rate
    May 23, 2021

    Reducing the broken rice rate and increasing the whole rice rate has become a traditional Chinese medicine approach to improve the overall economic benefits of enterprises. The higher the temperature of the rice from the rice mill, the more broken rice will be produced. This is a common phenomenon in rice mills now. In the process of rice milling, sand rollers grind the surface of the rice grains to remove the chaff layer and the friction and collision of the rice grains in the whitening chamber will generate a lot of heat, which will increase the surface temperature of the rice grains.

    Due to the poor thermal conductivity of the rice grains and the slow transfer of the surface temperature of the rice grains to the inside, a temperature gradient (temperature difference) will be formed from the outside to the inside. A large temperature difference will cause thermal stress inside the rice grain, which exceeds the inherent strength of the rice quality. The rice grains burst or burst. The structure of the traditional rice machine determines that the white room of the rice machine has a large ventilation resistance and a small amount of air passing through it. It is difficult to suppress the rise of rice temperature during the rice milling process and produce broken rice. Achieving low-temperature rice milling and restraining the rise of rice temperature are effective methods to reduce the problem.

    By increasing the air volume penetrating the whitening chamber, the low-temperature rise of rice milling can be achieved, and the rice milling rate can be increased. Low-temperature rise rice milling is to use the wind sprayed into the whitening chamber through the rice grain layer to take away the heat generated by the milling to suppress the rise in rice temperature. Therefore, the technical key to the low-temperature rise rice milling machine is to increase the wind pressure and air volume of the rice machine's built-in blower, reduce the resistance of the wind sprayed into the front section of the whitening chamber, and increase the ventilation volume per unit output of the whitening movement area.

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