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  • In 2021, in order to thoroughly implement general Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on cultivating a batch of "specialized and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprises and improving their innovation ability.The Ministr
    Dec 30
  • With the continuous promotion of China's "One Belt and One Road" strategy, rice milling machines are actively going out to expand overseas markets.We continue to provide reliable quality and advanced technology "Made in China"
    Nov 24
  • In order to learn the advanced manufacturing level and intelligent solutions of the member units of the association, promote the implementation of enterprise informatization and intelligent manufacturing solutions. Recently, he Yirong, chairman of Hu
    Sep 01
  • On the morning of August 25th, He Baoxiang, vice Governor of Hunan Province, Chen Xianchun, deputy secretary general of Hunan Provincial government and other delegation visited our company for investigation.Wu Jupei, deputy secretary of CPC Chenzhou
    Aug 30
  • Century vicissitudes of change, a hundred years of trials and hardships.On July 1, 2021, on the great day of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the company will hold a grand celebration to pay tribute to the party&
    Jul 09
  • Boishakhi Group's 2000TPD Auto Complete Paddy Rice Process Plant designed and installed by our company was put into production after three months of trial operation.On March 6, Boishakhi Group held a grand opening ceremony, which attracted great
    Jul 09
  • Rice is the most important staple food in people's daily life. It is mainly a finished product made from rice through various processes such as rice milling and processing.
    May 28
  • Agricultural and sideline products are important foods that people cannot live without. They can not only bring people very rich nutritional value, but also help people supplement more nutrients so that people can have a healthy body.
    May 27
  • Usually, we can process the rice to get the rice that we can eat now, and the machine that processes the rice is the rice mill, which mainly peels and grinds the rice.
    May 26
  • With the development of agriculture in our country, rice is the main food product in our country.
    May 25
  • As the saying goes, people are iron rice or steel, and they panic when they don't eat a meal. This shows how important eating is to us, it can not only supplement the body's energy needs.
    May 24
  • In the process of grain processing, the grain elevator is responsible for lifting personnel, lifting materials, transporting materials, lifting equipment, tools and other tasks.
    May 23
  • When using traditional grain conveying and lifting equipment to perform operations, an indispensable step is to add lubricating oil.
    May 22
  • Grain conveyors are widely used in building materials, wood-based panels, coal, electric power, petroleum, chemical, textile, mining, metallurgy, fertilizer, grain and oil
    May 21
  • After the grain is processed from the rice, it is necessary to use certain grain processing equipment to remove other impurities in the processed grain.
    May 20
  • Stone removing machine is an indispensable impurity removal equipment for flour mills. It is mainly used to remove side stones mixed with wheat seeds to reduce the sand content of flour and ensure the quality of flour.
    May 19
  • A well elevating conveyor (Elevator) is a large-scale mechanical equipment that changes the potential energy for transportation, such as mine hoists, dam hoists, etc.
    May 18
  • In general, the grain conveying machinery is generally classified according to the three methods of driving mode, use function and vibration quality of the equipment
    May 17
  • Stone removing machine is an indispensable impurity removal equipment in grain processing. It is mainly used to remove side stones mixed with grains to reduce the sand content in grains and ensure the quality of processed grains.
    May 16
  • When the specific gravity stone removing machine is working, the material continuously enters the middle of the stone removing screen surface from the hopper.
    May 15
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