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    The Main Working Steps Of Grain Cleaning And Stone Removal Equipment
    May 16, 2021

    Stone removing machine is an indispensable impurity removal equipment in grain processing. It is mainly used to remove side stones mixed with grains to reduce the sand content in grains and ensure the quality of processed grains. If you know the working principle and operation of the stone remover and do not know why, it is undoubtedly not conducive to improving the process effect of the stone remover.


    The main working steps of the grain cleaning and stone removal equipment: when the material enters the stone and screens the grain, due to the difference in the speed of the side stone and the grain, under the combined action of appropriate vibration and updraft, the grain particles with a lower suspension speed will float on In the upper layer, the side-by-side stones with higher levitation speed sink into the bottom layer to closely adhere to the grains to be screened, forming an automatic classification phenomenon. At the same time, due to the effect of airflow, the voids between the materials increase, and the positive pressure and friction between the layers are reduced. When I was young, I achieved the goal of getting rid of the stone.


    However, it is still necessary to control the airflow speed in the stone removal equipment when performing real-time operations. When the cleaning and stone removal equipment is working normally, the speed of the updraft that penetrates the material layer is required to be equivalent to the suspension speed of the grain. If the air velocity is too high, the materials on the screen surface tend to be blown through, the air distribution is uneven, the automatic classification of the materials is destroyed, and the separation efficiency is reduced. If the air velocity is too small, the grain will not be able to suspend, and it will easily climb up together with the stone, causing the stone to contain the grain. At the same time, the automatic classification of materials is poor, and the grains are also easy to contain stones, which also reduces the separation efficiency.

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