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  • MNSW18F Emery Roller Rice Whitener

    MNSW18F Emery Roller Rice Whitener

    CLJ Brand MNSW18F Emery roller rice whitener s mainly suitable for white grinding of brown rice. It can be used in series with multiple machines or one machine for white production. The structure of this machine is mature and stable, and it has good technological level and...
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  • Double Emery Roller Rice Whitener

    Double Emery Roller Rice Whitener

    This double emery roller rice whitener is suitable for milling and whitening of brown rice for big rice mill plant. Equipped with longer emery roller to achieve the high processing accuracy and external suction fan reducing the rice temperature and little broken rice, more...
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  • TQSX Single Layer Vibratory Destoner

    TQSX Single Layer Vibratory Destoner

    This high capacity TQSX single layer vibratory destoner is used for remove stons from different kinds of raw grains . It adopt dual vibration motor as the vibration source,so the amplitude of vibration can be adjus table width="100%" border="0"...
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  • Vertical Iron Roller Rice Whitener

    Vertical Iron Roller Rice Whitener

    This MNTL series Vertical Iron Roller Rice Whitener are mainly used for grinding white rice, which is the ideal equipment for processing different grades of white rice with high yield, less crushing and good process effect .At the same time, the water spray mechanism can be...
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  • Rice Polishing Machine

    Rice Polishing Machine

    CLJ brand Double Roller Rice polishing machine connected in series with large capacity. By combined the advantages of similar products abroad and the reseach results of the company as well as chinese situation, This rice polisher is a new generation product with elaborating.
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  • Rice Grading Machine

    Rice Grading Machine

    MMJX series Multi Rotary rice grading machine adopts cardan joint connecting rack and suspender and non-eccentricity transmission device. Special sieve parameter increases grading area, improve the fineness of products, boasting of advanced technical and mechanical performance.
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  • Rice Whitening Machine

    Rice Whitening Machine

    This horizontal air blowing double emery roller rice whitening machine is developed for rice whitening, which is suitable for 60T-150T per day rice process line. This machine is suitable for round rice, non-glutinous rice, which can meet different requirements.
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  • Paddy Husker Machine

    Paddy Husker Machine

    This intelligent pneumatic paddy husker machine is completely automatic controlling design. It adopts the latest double frequency conversion energy-saving control technology, low speed roller and high speed roller are driving by two frequency conversion motors and can...
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  • Paddy Cleaner

    Paddy Cleaner

    TQLM series rotary paddy cleaner is used for the big, small and light impurity cleaning in the grain. It can adjust the rotary speed and the weight of the balance weight, make the body have the three type running track.
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  • Rice Destoner

    Rice Destoner

    This single layer suction type vibrating rice destoner is used for removing stones from grain. It adopts dual vibration motor as the vibration source, so the amplitude of vibration can be adjustable, the structure design is more reasonable; No dust outside, sturdy and...
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  • Water Rice Polisher

    Water Rice Polisher

    This vertical double roller water rice polisher is newly developed equipment for polishing and whitening to meet the needs of refined rice processing technology. It is put after the rice milling machine to make the rice shiny and no dust.
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  • Rice Milling Whitener

    Rice Milling Whitener

    Vertical iron roller whitener for rice is the latest specially designed equipment for brown rice milling for the capacity of 50-250 TPD rice plant. They are suitable for the milling of long grain, short grain and parboiled rice, etc
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