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  • MNSW Emery Roller Rice Whitener Machine

    MNSW Emery Roller Rice Whitener Machine

    CLJ brand MNSW18F emery roller rice whitener machine is mainly suitable for white grinding of brown rice. It can be used in series with multiple machines or one machine for white production. The structure of this machine is mature and stable, and it has good technological...
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  • Vertical Iron Roller Rice Whitener

    Vertical Iron Roller Rice Whitener

    This MNTL series Vertical Iron Roller Rice Whitener are mainly used for grinding white rice, which is the ideal equipment for processing different grades of white rice with high yield, less crushing and good process effect .At the same time, the water spray mechanism can be...
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  • MGCZ Double Body Paddy Separator Machine

    MGCZ Double Body Paddy Separator Machine

    CLJ brand double body paddy separator machine is based on the domestic and foreign advanced models, combined with the actual situation of rice raw materials and research and development of new equipment.Mainly by using the different proportion of rice and brown rice, by...
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  • Silky Rice Polisher Machine

    Silky Rice Polisher Machine

    MPGL16 vertical silky rice polisher machine is a new type of rice polishing machine developed by CLJ for the rice milling industry. In the process of rice processing .It adopts the method of controlling the wet air to improve and solve the condition of the white rice surface...
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  • Rice Huller

    Rice Huller

    This TQSX rice huller is mainly used for removing and separating husk, which is one of the main machines for rice hulling. It can improve the effect of rice hulling process, reduce consumption and create more economic benefits for users.The working principle of the rice...
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  • Gravity Destoner

    Gravity Destoner

    TQSX suction gravity destoner machine makes use of the different characteristics of the specific gravity and suspension speed of grain and stone, with the help of air flow, promote the classification of grain and stone.Without the fan itself, this gravity destoner relies on...
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  • Paddy Cleaner

    Paddy Cleaner

    TQLM series rotary paddy cleaner is used for the big, small and light impurity cleaning in the grain. It can adjust the rotary speed and the weight of the balance weight, make the body have the three type running track.
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  • MMJX Rotary Rice Grader Machine

    MMJX Rotary Rice Grader Machine

    CLJ brand MMJX Series Rotary Rice Grader Machine utilize the different size of of rice particle to sort out the whole meter, general meter, large broken, small broken through the sieve plate with different diameter hole continuous screening , to achieve the purpose of white...
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  • Complete Rice Milling Plant

    Complete Rice Milling Plant

    This 300TPD complete rice mill plant choose excellent cleaner, destoner, husker, paddy separator, rice whitener, rice water polisher, rice grader, rice color sortor, bucket elevator and electrical console of complete sets of rice milling machine
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  • Auto Rice Mill

    Auto Rice Mill

    CLJ Brand auto rice mill plant is the leading unit in China to automatically process paddy with rational technology, scientific construction, and easy maintenance.
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  • Rice Mill Plant

    Rice Mill Plant

    CLJ 50-2000TPD Auto Complete Rice Mill Plant helps to detach hulls and bran's from paddy grains to produce polished rice. The objective of a rice milling system is to remove the husk and the bran layers from paddy rice to produce whole white rice kernels that are sufficiently...
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  • Complete Auto Rice Mill Plant

    Complete Auto Rice Mill Plant

    This 150-500 TPD Complete auto rice mill plant adopts advanced technology, compact combination, high rice yield.The whole set of units can directly process brown rice from raw grain into finished rice, and the equipment is a complete set of equipment from cleaner...
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