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    MNSW Emery Roller Rice Whitener Machine

    CLJ brand MNSW18F emery roller rice whitener machine is mainly suitable for white grinding of brown rice. It can be used in series with multiple machines or one machine for white production. The structure of this machine is mature and stable, and it has good technological level and economic effect.

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    MNSW emery roller rice whitener machine  is mainly used for whitening brown rice, it can be used alone or series in production .The structure of this rice whitener is mature and stable with good technology and better economic effect.rown rice by the feed hopper after white flow regulating mechanism into the grinding chamber, sand is sand screw head to roll along the spiral forward roll surface, according to a certain line speed rotating sharp sand, emery  roller surface grinding cutting surface layer of brown rice, and makes the grain of rice and grain of rice, rice and rice sieve rubbing against each other, make its rough grinding white, at the same time, through the suction effect, forcing from rice bran powder.



    Main Technical Parameter






    Air Volume



    510kg (without motor)



    CLJ company is  committed to offering customers with good  Emery Roller Rice Whitener solutions and providing customers with efficient and high-quality after-sales service.  We will not stop the pace, and we will consistently improve our professional skills , and explore the rules for customer satisfaction with sincerity.

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